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MK Dance Theatre's Youth Company is a dynamic and inspiring program designed to nurture the talent and potential of young dancers who aspire to pursue a career in the arts.


This project provides a supportive and enriching environment for aspiring dancers to develop their skills, explore their creativity, and gain valuable performance experience.

Grimm, 2024
Cortex, 2024
The Fields of Cupid, 2023
Cortex, 2024

The Youth Company focuses on a comprehensive training curriculum that encompasses various dance styles, including contemporary, ballet, improvisation & neo-classical. Under the guidance of experienced instructors and industry professionals, participants receive rigorous technical training, artistic mentorship, and opportunities to collaborate with their peers.

The program emphasises the holistic development of young dancers, fostering their artistic expression, physicality, and emotional intelligence. Through regular rehearsals, workshops, and masterclasses, participants deepen their understanding of dance techniques, improve their stamina and flexibility, and refine their performance skills.

MK Dance Theatre's Youth Company also places a strong emphasis on performance opportunities. Participants have the chance to showcase their talent and hard work through various recitals, community performances, and even potential collaborations with professional dance companies. These performances serve as a platform for the dancers to gain exposure, build confidence, and develop a strong stage presence.

Moreover, the project aims to provide guidance and support in navigating the professional dance world. Dancers receive mentorship from established professionals who share insights into the industry, offer career advice, and facilitate networking opportunities. This mentorship aspect helps young dancers to better understand the realities of pursuing a career in the arts and equips them with the necessary tools for success.

Overall, MK Dance Theatre's Youth Company is a transformative project that empowers young dancers, fostering their artistic growth, and preparing them for a potential career in the arts. Through comprehensive training, performance opportunities, and mentorship, this program enables aspiring dancers to unleash their potential and pursue their passion with confidence and determination.

Grimm, 2024
Cortex, 2024
The Fields of Cupid, 2023
Cortex, 2024

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Auditioning 02/06/2024

Youth Company

MK Dance Theatre is thrilled to present our Youth Company for the performance season 2023/24. 

The Youth Company's upcoming season is set to be a whirlwind of creativity and growth. The dancers will have the opportunity to work closely with our choreographers, honing their skills and refining their technique while immersing themselves in the magic of live performances.

The Youth Company members will play an integral part in MKDT's full-length productions 'Grimm' & 'Pandora' as well as three gala performances. These gala events, provide a platform for the dancers to showcase their talent to a diverse audience comprising dance enthusiasts, industry professionals, and patrons of the arts. The galas serve as a celebration of dance and a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Youth Company members.

Furthermore, the selected dancers will have the opportunity to engage in multiple external projects throughout the season. These projects may include collaborations with other dance companies, participation in festivals, and potential outreach initiatives aimed at bringing the joy of dance to the wider community. Such experiences not only broaden the dancers' horizons but also expose them to different artistic perspectives, fostering their growth and helping them establish connections within the industry.

Amy Jarrett, 23/24

Amy Jarrett

Harry Yeo, 23/24

Harry Yeo

Anna-Maria Winckless, 23/24

Anna-Maria Winckless

Matilda Jones, 23/24

Matilda Jones

Charlie O'Neill, 23/24

Charlie O'Neill

Scarlett Baldry, 23/24

Scarlett Baldry

Emily Penwell, 23/24

Emily Penwell

Taya McCarte, 23/24

Taya Mccarte

Youth Company

MK Dance Theatre is thrilled to present its 2022/2023 Youth Company, a talented group of six dedicated dancers who will embark on an exciting journey of artistic exploration and growth. This season promises to be filled with remarkable performances and opportunities for these young dancers to shine.

Throughout the year, the Youth Company will showcase their skills and creativity through a range of productions. The highlight of the season will be two full-length productions, carefully crafted to captivate audiences and showcase the dancers' versatility.

In addition to the full-length productions, the Youth Company will also present two shorter original creations. These unique works will provide a platform for the dancers to explore their choreographic abilities and push the boundaries of their artistic vision. The dancers will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, sharing their ideas and creating innovative pieces that reflect their individuality and collective talent. Furthermore, the Youth Company will participate in UDance performances, a renowned dance festival that brings together talented dancers from various youth companies and dance schools. This platform provides the dancers with exposure to a wider audience, fostering connections and inspiring them to learn from their peers.

The Youth Company members will also benefit from mentorship opportunities, where established professionals in the dance industry will share their knowledge, provide guidance on career development, and help the dancers navigate the complexities of the professional dance world.

MK Dance Theatre's 2022/2023 Youth Company is poised to make a significant impact on the dance scene, showcasing the passion, talent, and dedication of these exceptional young dancers. The season's repertoire, including two full-length productions, two shorter original creations, the season opening gala, and UDance performances, promises to be a remarkable showcase of their abilities, leaving audiences inspired and mesmerized by their performances.

Amy Jarrett, 22/23

Amy Jarrett

Charlie O'Neill, 22/23

Charlie O'Neill

Emily Penwell, 22/23

Emily Penwell

Georgia-May Phillips, 22/23

Georgia-May Phillips

Harry Yeo, 22/23

Harry Yeo

Olivia Marchant, 22/23

Olivia Marchant

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