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Sleeping Beauty

Premiered, 20th May 2022

MK Dance Theatre presented "Sleeping Beauty," a dazzling production that took the classic fairytale and transported it into the vibrant era of the 1920s. This imaginative and enchanting performance reimagined the beloved story, infusing it with the glitz, glamour, and energy of the Roaring Twenties.

Set against the backdrop of a stylish and opulent Art Deco-inspired stage design, "Sleeping Beauty" came alive with a fusion of classical ballet and dynamic jazz-age choreography. The dancers of MK Dance Theatre skillfully blended the grace and elegance of traditional ballet with the exuberant and energetic movements of the 1920s, creating a truly unique and mesmerizing experience.

The story of "Sleeping Beauty" unfolded in a fresh and captivating way, reflecting the spirit of the Jazz Age. The audience followed Princess Aurora on her enchanted journey, witnessing her bewitching encounter with the wicked Maleficent and the eventual triumph of true love's kiss. The choreography, costumes, and music transported viewers to a world of glamour, sophistication, and daring adventure.

The production was brought to life by a vibrant and jazzy musical score that featured popular tunes from the 1920s, adding an extra layer of charm and authenticity to the performance. The dancers' exquisitely crafted movements were perfectly synchronized with lively rhythms, creating a seamless fusion of dance and music.

"Sleeping Beauty" presented by MK Dance Theatre was a true celebration of the beauty and artistry of both classical ballet and the spirit of the 1920s. It captured the essence of the era, with its dazzling costumes, infectious energy, and immersive atmosphere. The production offered a fresh take on a timeless tale, showcasing the enduring magic of fairytales while paying homage to the iconic era of the Jazz Age.

Audiences were swept away by the sheer enchantment of MK Dance Theatre's "Sleeping Beauty," where the graceful princess, the wicked fairy, and the spirited dancers transported them back to the dazzling world of the 1920s. It was a performance that seamlessly merged classical elegance with the vivacity of the Jazz Age, leaving spectators captivated and longing for more.

Sleeping Beauty, 2022
Sleeping Beauty, 2022
Sleeping Beauty, 2022
Sleeping Beauty, 2022
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