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Milton Keynes Dance Theatre 

Production Company

MK Dance Theatre's production company provides an exceptional opportunity for aspiring dancers to participate in the creation and performance of our original productions. Through a rigorous audition process, a cast is carefully selected, forming a talented ensemble to bring our shows to life. This program serves as a valuable complement to ongoing dance training, offering a unique and immersive experience.

Selected dancers join our production company after showcasing their technical proficiency and expressive potential during auditions. Once chosen, they embark on an exciting journey collaborating with our experienced artistic team and fellow performers. Together, they bring our innovative choreography, captivating storytelling, and diverse dance styles to the stage.

Participating in the production company enhances dancers' ongoing training, allowing them to expand their artistic horizons and refine their skills. Through intensive rehearsals, they explore new movement vocabulary, develop their artistry, and strengthen their technique in a professional and supportive environment.

Being part of the production company provides invaluable experience for aspiring dancers. It offers the opportunity to work alongside professionals, collaborate with peers, and gain insights into the creative process of producing a show. Dancers develop discipline, teamwork, and stage presence while honing their technical abilities and artistic expression.


MK Dance Theatre's production company embraces inclusivity and fosters a supportive community where dancers' unique talents are celebrated. We believe in providing a platform for dancers to thrive and grow as artists and individuals.

Whether dancers aspire to pursue a professional career or simply seek to immerse themselves in their passion for dance, our production company offers an extraordinary opportunity to elevate their skills. It is an experience that leaves a lasting impact, creating lifelong memories and nurturing a deep appreciation for the transformative power of dance.

All rehearsals take place on Sundays and are designed to support the ongoing work and training of dance schools in the area. We are here to provide a supplementary experience to enhance a dancer's artistic outlook and always provide credit to the dance schools of our dancers.

The Fields of Cupid, 2023
Sleeping Beauty, 2022
Peter Pan, 2022
Pandora, 2021
Pandora, 2021
Romeo & Juliet, 2023
Romeo & Juliet, 2023
Romeo & Juliet, 2023

September 2023 - January 2024

MK Dance Theatre proudly presents "Grimm," our next captivating production that takes inspiration from the timeless fairytales collected by the Brothers Grimm. This original creation promises to transport audiences into a world of enchantment, magic, and wonder.

Drawing from the rich and imaginative narratives woven by the Brothers Grimm, "Grimm" weaves together a tapestry of captivating stories. Our talented dancers, under the guidance of skilled choreographers and directors, bring these beloved tales to life through the power of movement and expression.

In "Grimm," audiences will embark on a journey through a realm where princesses, witches, heroes, and villains come alive on stage. Each scene immerses the audience in a different fairytale, filled with twists, turns, and the exploration of universal themes such as love, bravery, and the triumph of good over evil.

With intricate choreography, stunning visuals, and an enchanting musical score, "Grimm" creates a world that ignites the imagination and captivates viewers of all ages. The fusion of dance, storytelling, and the magic of the Brothers Grimm's tales promises a truly memorable and transformative theatrical experience.

MK Dance Theatre's production of "Grimm" showcases the exceptional talent and artistry of our dancers. Through their graceful movements, expressive storytelling, and impeccable technique, they breathe life into the iconic characters and narratives that have captured the hearts and imaginations of generations.


As the lights dim and the music begins, audiences will be transported to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where the power of dance illuminates the essence of these timeless tales.


Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of "Grimm" as MK Dance Theatre reimagines the Brothers Grimm's fairytales through the beauty and artistry of dance. Be prepared to be spellbound, inspired, and immersed in a realm where dreams come true and magic is only a heartbeat away.

Performing 19th - 21st January, 2024

February 2024 - June 2024

MK Dance Theatre is thrilled to bring back the mesmerizing production of "Pandora," a captivating tale that draws inspiration from the ancient story of Pandora's Box. This eagerly anticipated return promises a theatrical experience that explores the depths of human curiosity, consequence, and hope.

In "Pandora," audiences will be immersed in a world where mythology meets contemporary dance. This original creation takes the timeless myth of Pandora and infuses it with dynamic choreography, evocative music, and striking visuals. Through the power of movement and expression, our talented dancers bring this ancient story to life with an innovative and modern twist.

The narrative of "Pandora" unfolds as we follow the journey of a young woman who, driven by her insatiable curiosity, inadvertently unleashes a series of unforeseen events upon the world. As the consequences of her actions unravel, the story delves into profound themes of human nature, the complexities of choice, and the enduring power of hope.

With precision and grace, the dancers of MK Dance Theatre breathe life into the characters and emotions of "Pandora." Their technical prowess and emotive performances mesmerize the audience, capturing the essence of the story and drawing them into a world where beauty and darkness coexist.

Through breathtaking choreography, innovative staging, and a captivating storyline, "Pandora" invites audiences to reflect on the consequences of our choices and the resilience of the human spirit. The production explores the depths of Pandora's experience, leading the audience on an emotional journey that ultimately reveals the transformative power of hope in the face of adversity.

MK Dance Theatre's production of "Pandora" showcases the artistry, skill, and creativity of our dancers and artistic team. It is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries, reinventing classical narratives, and creating thought-provoking performances that resonate with audiences.

Join us as we unlock the mythical world of "Pandora" through the universal language of dance. Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and transported to a realm where ancient stories intertwine with contemporary expression, leaving a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

Auditioning on Sunday 11th February, 2024

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