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MK Dance Theatre, Interviews:

'Boys in Dance'

We are delighted to launch this new and original MKDT Interview Series! These episodes will highlight various topics and issues faced by our dancers and the wider dance industry. Today we discuss all things dance with the wonderful boys of our company. They tell us their challenges, the effect of having boys in the group and the misconceptions of what many believe.

MK Dance Theatre, Interviews:

Georgia-May Phillips, The Lilac Fairy!

We are delighted to continue our new and original MKDT Interview Series by welcoming Georgia-May Phillips to the show! She discusses her recent role as the Lilac Fairy in MKDT's 'Sleeping Beauty', the importance of stage experience, being yourself when you perform and inspiring the next generation!

MK Dance Theatre, Interviews: Genres of Dance at MKDT

We are delighted to continue our new and original MKDT Interview Series by welcoming dancers, Amy Jarrett, Freddie Cox, Charlie Bowen, Alekos Alexandridis, David Dean, Georgia-May Philips, Harry Yeo, Scarlett Baldry & Emily Penwell. They discuss the varying dance styles they have experienced while at MKDT and talk about how that range of dance styles has effected their thoughts on dance. They also discuss just how important being versatile and open minded is to develop as an artist and why breaking out of your comfort zone can change everything!

MK Dance Theatre, Interviews:

MK Dance Theatre in Rehearsal!

The first season of our MKDT Interviews comes to a close by welcoming back all of our Season 1 guest to discuss the experience of rehearsing at MK Dance Theatre. They take us through everything that happens from warm-ups to show week giving us a truly unique insight into what being part of MK Dance Theatre is really like! We hope you have enjoyed this exclusive series of interviews! We hope to see you again soon.

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