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Sun, 02 Jun


New Bradwell

Lady Macbeth & MKDT2, 24/25: Company Audition

MK Dance Theatre are delighted to be hosting auditions for its next original production, 'Lady Macbeth'. How far will you go to be heard? What must we do to be seen?

Lady Macbeth & MKDT2, 24/25: Company Audition
Lady Macbeth & MKDT2, 24/25: Company Audition

When & Where

02 Jun 2024, 10:30 – 16:00

New Bradwell, Bounty St, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes MK13 0BQ, UK

Event Information

How far will you go to be heard?

‘Lady Macbeth’ is a ploy to understand the manipulative, scheming voice behind Macbeth’s ruthless path to the throne. Rooted in Contemporary dance, the piece will use highly physical movement, intricate musicality and powerful group images to retell Shakespeare’s Macbeth through the lens of his wife: Lady Macbeth.

What must we do to be seen?

‘Lady Macbeth’ will explore the struggle against strict gender roles, natural orders and destinies that an 11th-century society conformed to, asking what has and has not changed for a young person in the modern day, 10 centuries later.

By looking at Shakespeare’s work of the past, what can we learn about our future?

The way power imbalances cause voices to be silenced still rings true in modern society. The resources for our future are limited and yet youth voices are dismissed in the discussion around the climate crisis. The gender pay gap has women completing the same workload, for less. The media has people competing to be seen, escalating to instant fame.

The people are hungry for power.

So let’s feast.

Dancing around the long oak table

Until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane.

Until the Witches speak of our future to reclaim.

Until Lady Macbeth has the people know her name.


We are casting for 32 open-minded and hard-working dancers aged 8 to 18 to develop their dance skills and creative voice. All dancers will work as a collaborative company to make themselves visible and to make their ideas heard.


We are also looking for 8 talented young individuals to join our newly rebranded youth company, 'MKDT2. This newly rebranded course will be the development of our current ‘Youth Company’ program and aims to support dancers aiming to achieve a place in higher dance education with the tools, experience and information they require. They will be required to take on leadership roles in both scheduled Full-Length productions and will form an integral part of the creation process. Dancers on the course will also have the opportunity to perform at three scheduled galas during the 24/25 performance season as well as perform in external events during the year such as UDance & Jumpstart.


The following roles are for Lady Macbeth and non-gender specific with each being tailored to best suit the dancer.

Senior roles available:

Lady Macbeth (a powerful woman, fierce and unapologetic)

Macbeth (ambitious and easily manipulated)

King Duncan (prior ruler of Scotland)

Banquo (Macbeth’s right-hand person)

The Witches (tellers of fate, destiny and the divine)

Macduff (leader of the rebellion against Macbeth)

Lady Macduff (Macduff’s wife)

Malcolm and Donalbain (the Macduff children)

Scottish Nobles (those close to royalty)

The Porter (witness to Macbeth’s crimes)

Birnam Wood

Junior roles available:

Young Lady Macbeth/ Lady Macbeth’s child

Fleance (Banquo’s child)

Scottish Nobles’ Children

The Supernatural


Participation Costs:

MKDT2 Dancers (Selected Individuals): £550.00 (Full Season)

Senior Dancers (*13+): £395.00 (Individual Production)

Intermediate Dancers (*11-13): £295.00 (Individual Production)

Junior Dancers (*8-10): £195.00 (Individual Production)

We offer flexible payment plans as well as some limited financial aid to facilitate the participation of as many aspiring dancers as possible. Should the financial requirements be a restriction to participation please get in touch with us at

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