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Romeo & Juliet

January 2023

MKDT are delighted to announce the return of our very first original production 'Romeo & Juliet'!


This truly original take on the classic Shakespearean tale brings love and tragedy into the 21st century for an emotion fuelled spectacle for all the family.

"It is a compelling and beautiful show – the choreography is really special, as is the music and stagecraft.  The tension and passion on the stage was palpable right from the opening scene"

Angela Smith,

January 2020

"The choreography was simply sublime, the sets and lighting absolutely stunning and the music a perfect blend of modern classical with a nod to Prokofiev in the vital and poignant moments."

Natalie Carter,

January 2020

"We all loved the production - over 20 various family and friends came over the run to see it. Amazing, really impressive choreography, the staging was great, costumes were fab, and the whole concept was just brilliant."

Georgina Hall,

January 2020


Premiered January 14th, 2020

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