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Pandora: Digital Download

Pandora: Digital Download


Enjoy our full length original production of 'Pandora' at home today!


Experience this mythical story as it takes you on a journey from ancient Olympia all the way to our modern world. This recoring is danced by the original creation cast and was filmed in May 2021.


Choreography: Owen Lane

Assistant Choreographer: Jess Yeo

Costume & Stage Design: Liv Beckett

Set Design & Construction: Callum Daniels

Lighting Design: Nathan Letts

Make-up Design: Tamara Szilagyi

Hair Design: Gemma Clark


Pandora: Jess Yeo

Zeus: Oakley Morrell-Nichols

Athena: Georgia Philips

Aphrodite: Phoebe Bones

Hermes: Harry Yeo

Hephesteus: Danielle Casey

Epimetheus/Prometheus: David Dean

The Fates: Hannah Smith, Ellie Chick, Emily Cozens

Nymphs: Fiona Cox, Holly Ford-Langstaff, Ellie Esapa, Jessica Hubbocks, Liv Becket, Rose Harper-Fraser


Soloists of the Corps de Ballet: Stefania Anghele, Rachael Chen, Millie Leoanard


Corps de Ballet: Scarlett Baldry, Poppy Holman, Olivia Harper-Fraser, Anneliesa Johnson, Melody Kendall, Ruby Mercer, Illena Molloy, Charlie O'Neill, Catriona Rose

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