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'Into Neverland'

Show Week

Season 3, Episode 6

Our 'Into Neverland' Podcast series reaches its finale with a one off 'Show Week' special. Join hosts Dani & Harry as they take us backstage during our run of 'Peter Pan'! Featuring special snippets of the show accompanied by quotes and comments from the wonderful cast of the performance. The perfect preview to our 'Peter Pan' Digital Download release!

'Into Neverland'

Season 3, Episode 5

On this episode Dani & Harry are joined by the 'Peter Pan' design team as they discuss what it takes to bring a production to life! MKDT's Olivia Beckett and Costume Assistant Rose Harper-Fraser discuss their visions for the show, the hard work behind the scenes that goes into putting a production on stage and finish with a challenge that tests how truly in sync they are as a team.

'Into Neverland'

Season 3, Episode 4

In this episode Dani & Harry discuss life outside and after MKDT! Joined by a number of past and present company members, who have now taken up higher level education in dance, discuss how MKDT prepared them for their full time training, the links between the company's environment and that of their courses and the advice they'd give to MKDT company members looking to venture into vocational training.

'Into Neverland'

Season 3, Episode 3

In this episode Dani & Harry are joined by original company member, Fiona Cox to talk all things 'Peter Pan'! Fiona, who's taken on the role of assisting the cast and choreographic team, discusses the various skills MKDT has given her, her favourite moments from past productions and her new company role. Dani & Harry then hear from members of the junior cast who share their 'Peter Pan' experiences so far.

'Into Neverland'

Season 3, Episode 2

In this episode, Hosts Dani & Harry welcome Company Returner Charlie O'Neill and Senior Cast members Rachael Chen, Amy Jarrett, Scarlett Baldry and Hannah Smith to the podcast! Charlie, who plays the role of 'Jamie' in MKDTs' upcoming production 'Peter Pan', shares his thoughts on his progression through the company and provides exclusive insight into his experiences of the 'Peter Pan' creative process. Rachael, Amy, Scarlett and Hannah also later add to the discussion with their thoughts and feelings on how 'Peter Pan' has developed.

'Into Neverland'

Season 3, Episode 1

Dani & Harry are back for Season 3 of our Into..... podcast series! On this episode they welcome Guest Choreographer Gemma Clark to discuss all things 'Peter Pan', including the creative process that goes into building a show, what drew her to MKDT and reveals exclusive details about the company's upcoming production.

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